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Nora Anna is a voice that soothes, engages, surprises, makes you fly, meditate, plunge in a lake of melancholy, wander away somewhere deep inside your thoughts and then rise and fall in love with the little moments and pleasures of everyday life again.


She is a young talented singer-songwriter with an open heart and mind who’s already familiar with international audiences, having played in multiple gigs around the UK, France and Latvia, as well as in festivals like Weyfest, Staycation and Always The Sun festival.


Nora Anna’s music is as rich as her personality. She says her songs are ’’little nostalgic story-telling hybrids'' because they have a bit of everything - pop, jazz, blues, folk and most importantly, a story that will make you drift into your thoughts.


You can hear the influence of her inspirations Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Matt Corby and others, but first and foremost - Norah Jones: “I still remember those warm summer evenings when my aunt would make the tastiest meal ever after an adventurous day out with my friends. We would just sit on the terrace and listen to Norah’s smooth vocal as she sang “If I were a painter, I would paint my reverie..”


In many ways, Nora Anna embodies the empowered modern woman - fragile, yet strong at the same time, intelligent across spheres, a truly international soul who welcomes new cultures and experiences, and travels whenever she can.


Nora Anna’s debut single as a solo artist “Over The Moon” came out in June 2019.

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